PhD, sociologist, trainer, public relations specialist. Since 2011, I have been working as assistant professor at the Institute of Sociology of the University of Lodz, Poland – in the Department of Sociology of Social Structure and Social Change, and the Department of Sociology of Gender and Social Movements.

I graduated from the University of Lodz, as well as Noble Manhattan Coaching, the London School of Public Relations, and the Laboratory of Education and Psychotherapy.

I conduct research, lectures and training sessions in the areas of ​​relationships, love and single people, femininity and masculinity in various areas of social life, the role of aesthetic capital in private and professional life, and diversity management in organizations.

Books: “Single and The City” (2014 – English version) and “Big City Single” (2011) and co-author of “”Gender, Age, and Gendered Age in Relation to Attitudes to One’s Own Appearance and Health (chosen aspects)” (2017 – English version), “Mum at work – social determinants of the return of women to the labor market after the birth of a child” (2008) And “Stereotypes versus Reality” (2008).

I cooperate with, the biggest dating website for single people in Poland.  I’m the author of science and popular science articles about singles, relationships and love. I was a speaker at TEDex Warsaw 2014.